Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Founders Day, Red Bay, AL.

September 15, 2012

So all the repairs are done to the Phaeton and we are just hanging out in Red Bay, AL, killing time.  We meet so many people that come to RB for repairs and they just hate being here.  Okay, so you have to drive 25 miles or so to a Walmart, decent restaurants, movie theatres, shopping, etc…but there is something to be said for being able to walk less than two miles to Jack’s (fast food restaurant) who just happens to have the best biscuits and gravy in the south.  I am particularly fond of Jacks because I can get the gravy without sausage in it…and they have a wonderful full breakfast…bacon is crisp and dry, just the way we like it.  You know, the smell you get from the dog food plant if the wind is in the right direction is not really so bad and we don’t even notice it most of the time.

Plus, you should see the new Dollar General Market!  They had their grand opening a week or so after we got here and it was big doings…free hot dogs, soft drinks, popcorn, chips, Rice Krispy treats, shopping bags, etc.  This is the neatest DG store I have ever seen and it is right here in little old Red Bay, AL.  I would show you the picture of the produce department and fresh meat, as opposed to the old meat, but I don’t know how to get pictures from my phone to my computer.


There was nowhere we needed to be right away so we decided to hang around Red Bay so that we could go to Founder’s Day which took place last Saturday.  It was a beautiful day for the event.  We walked to the park downtown…again, only about a mile or so and had a wonderful time.  There were quite a few people selling their wares.  The only thing I bought was a very good peach fried pie…should have bought several to put in the freezer.


The look in her eyes says it all…watch out world, here she comes! (Melissa Moore…I thought of you when I saw her…I thought she looked so much like you.)


The train was so cute…I wanted to ride but Bob thought it was just for kids…I told him I felt sure it was for kids and old people.


There was music and the band was pretty darn good.


Sunshine dog food company was represented but the man was so busy talking to a friend that he did not offer me any free items…see if I go back there!  The dogs were beautiful.


We almost missed the deep fried Oreos!


And there was a barbecue cook-off.  This was one of the local dentists area…Doc’s Smokin’ BBQ.  It was his first competition.


You may be cooking BBQ but that is no excuse to miss Alabama football.


I thought this was a pretty place.


And with that we will be…

Moving On.

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